Monday, July 9, 2012

LabView Experiments in Automation

Much of my professional work has been in Test Engineering, and the SW tool of choice is hands-down National Instruments LabView for test automation. It is not cheap ($2500 to $4500 for a developer seat); however, it is incredible graphic code, backed by world-class training and technical assistance. LabView is scalable from simple data logging projects to plant automated testing. The Large Hadron Collider runs on it.
Drivers exist to interface it to all major brands of test equipment, and many user groups exist to help ensure project success. I was extremely fortunate to obtain a student version of LabView and a hardware platform called myDAQ for under $500. MyDAQ is a USB data acquisition module. This is what I use at home to practice coding and to build marketable skills. It is a worthy investment for abilities in high demand.

I plan on using this blog to chart the progress of my automation experiments. It should also serve as an aid to other enthusiast starting out with LabView.

National Instruments myDAQ [Link]

NI Getting Started [Link]

Since myDAQ is only sold to students, do not despair; the NI USB-6008 is available for $169 (plus SW)

My other interests [Link]

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